Facilitating Infrastructure Growth and Transformation

About Us

Key Differentiators


Middle-market, primary North America focus in underinvested infrastructure sectors.

Changing landscapes, disruptions and economic trends create these opportunities. Create value by investing in infrastructure sectors and opportunities where the money is needed; less focus on existing transactions that trade between financial investors.   

Ingredients for Success


  Invest in assets to ensure integrity, optimize operations, increase reliability and reduce overall costs. Deploy proven technology (no true technology risk) that increases efficiency and asset utilization, extends asset life, and/or better integrates investment into macro-market trends. Thorough stakeholder analysis and  management; recognize any public policy issues and address them.

Collaboration and Flexibility


  While many infrastructure assets are owned/controlled by the private sector, understanding that when dealing with some public sector-owned assets, being a funding partner and collaborative governance is crucial.

Need agreements and contracts which work under today’s legal, political and social environments with flexible terms for future changes in some or all of these conditions.